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Arnold Foerster sculpted this Beethoven, unveiled on October 14th 1932 at the Public Art Division of the Cultural Affairs Department. The statue can be found on the edge of Pershing Square, which is the town’s oldest park. Today the statue is… on the roof of a carpark! Foerster’s Beethoven is similar to the model by Robert Weigl, which had already

San Francisco

This is a copy of the monument found in Central Park,and which is attributed to Henry Baerer. It was also given by the choir of New York, but in 1914. It was erected in the park on August 6th 1915. It is situated close to the California Academy of Science, on the right. How many copies of this sculpture exist? It’s

New York

The bust Ludwig van Beethoven can be found in the South of Central Park. Henry Bearer (1837-1908) created this statue in bronze in 1884. The bust was then given to the town of New York by the male germo-american choir, also in 1884. It was erected in Central Park in the same year. At the foot of the statue is

Karlovy Vary

This statue is found in the town of Karlsbad, or Karlovy Vary. Beethoven went there several times for spa treatment. The sculptor is Hugo Uher (1909-1945), and this statue was unveiled on September 29th 1929. Thanks to Rath. Hugo Uher was born on April 1st, 1882 in Karlovy Vary. He studied Art at the school for Ceramics in Bechyne and


Beethoven came to Teplice several times, for the spa. The house below is the one he rented in 1811, the year when I came with Franz and Bettina Brentano and Achim von Arnim (who had married Bettina during spring 1811). It is this year that Beethoven met Amalie Sebald. Beethoven lived in another house in 1812, the year he met


Beethoven went in Prague twice: in 1796 and in 1798. During his first visit, he stayed at 285 Lazenska Street. There he composed several works, dedicated to Countess Josephine de Clary who organized several concerts:– Sonatina for Mandolin and Harpsichord in C minor, WoO 43a;– Adagio for Mandolin and Harpsichord in E flat major, (WoO 43b);– Sonatina for Mandolin and Harpsichord in C


This great statue stands in the courtyard of the Naples Music conservatory “San Pietro a Maiella” It has been created by Francesco Jerace (Polistena 1854 – Naples 1937), before 1895.


Young Beethoven has inspired another Italian sculptor: Giovanni Grandi (1943-1894). This statue has been realized in 1874 and now stands at the Modern Art Gallery (Galleria d’Arte Moderna – Turino) Young Beethoven has inspired another Italian sculptor: Giovanni Grandi (1943-1894). This statue has been realized in 1874 and now stands at the Modern Art Gallery (Galleria d’Arte Moderna – Turino)


During the festivals “Genua, capital of culture 2005”, our town is to hold another bit of culture: the new Gallery of Modern Art was reconstructed in the area of the Nervi zone, in particular in the Villa Saluzzo Serra. Nervi, the beautiful tourist village, part of the Parish of Genua, is the ideal seat for artistic works of the end


At the start of the XXth century, a Committee for Beethoven Monument was set up.It’s objective was the realisation of a monument in honour of Beethoven in the centre of Paris. A decree by the President of the Republic, dated December 20th 1909, oversaw it’s installation at Ranelagh, Paris. But administrative complications deprived the capital of this monument which was

Garnier Palace, Opera of Paris

Napoléon III decided to construct a new opera in 1860. Charles Garnier was just 35 and still unknown but won the commission in 1861, against 170 other candidates. Charles Garnier designed the opera and also all the ornamentation. On the face are four sculptures: dance, instramental music, lyrical drama and harmony. Also the busts which honour the great musicians: Beethoven, Mozart,

Rue Beethoven

A small street in Paris is named “Rue Beethoven”. It’s in the 16th arrondissement, between the ‘Avenue du Président Kennedy’ and the ‘Boulevard Delessert’ (métro : Passy, line 6). It’s 117 metres long and 15 metres wide, and finished with a flight of steps at the north end, which lead to ‘Boulevard Delessert’. The Rue Beethoven was given this name on August 24th 1864.

Luxemburg Gardens

The French Beethoven Association is responsible for this bust of Beethoven in the Luxemburg Gardens in Paris. It was unveiled on Thursday October 26th 1978, in the presence of the president of the Senat. At this unveiling, Maurice Shumann, a member of the French Academy and Vice-President of the Senat, made a speech in the presence of Madame Bufet-Bourdelle. Installed


Graz is a town in the South-East of Autria. The sculptor is Johannes Benk (born 27.7.1844 in Vienna, died 12.3.1944 in Vienna). It is at the Stefaniensaal at Graz that this statue was inaugurated in 1928. It was created by Johannes Benk in 1911. Any other information about this statue is welcome.


Heiligenstadt, prevoiusly on the outskirts of Vienna, is now one of the capital’s districts. Beethoven visited the area frequently, and it was there that he wrote the famous Heiligenstadt Testement in 1802. The statue is situated in Heiligenstadt Park. It was sculpted in marble by Fritz Hänlein following a model by Robert Weigl. It was erected by the Association of male