New York

The bust Ludwig van Beethoven can be found in the South of Central Park.

Henry Bearer (1837-1908) created this statue in bronze in 1884. The bust was then given to the town of New York by the male germo-american choir, also in 1884. It was erected in Central Park in the same year.

At the foot of the statue is the Genius of Music.

Not far from Beethoven is Shiller, a sculpture made in 1859 by C. L. Richter, given by the citizens of German origin to the Park in the same year.

Henry Baerer was born in 1837 in Kirchlin, Germany. He went to the USA in 1854.

He studied sculpture with von Launitz, then returned to Germany.

He created two enourmous statues for the town of Munich. He moved difinitively to New York City in 1866.

He died in 1908.

Title of work: Beethoven
Material: Bronze
Width of monument: 1.20 m (60″)
Depth of monument: 1.52 m (60″)
Height of monument : 4.57 m (15′)
Height of sculpture: 1.22 m (4′) for the bust and 1.83 m (6′) for the base. Beethoven at Prospect Park, Brooklyn, New-York Below