Rue Beethoven

A small street in Paris is named “Rue Beethoven”. It’s in the 16th arrondissement, between the ‘Avenue du Président Kennedy’ and the ‘Boulevard Delessert’ (métro : Passy, line 6).

It’s 117 metres long and 15 metres wide, and finished with a flight of steps at the north end, which lead to ‘Boulevard Delessert’.

The Rue Beethoven was given this name on August 24th 1864.

Seemingly it was afore-named “rue de la Montagne”.

At this time Beethoven Street was at least twice as long. The north end bent round as far as rue Raynouard.

But the opening of Boulevard Delessert, decided in 1876, reduced the rue Beethoven to the small road we know today. Shame…