In 1869, the Philharmonic Society decided to commission a medal for meriting musicians. Beethoven was chosen by the society as their emblem.

On hearing this, Madame Fanny Linzbauer, who was the owner of a bust of Beethoven, proposed donating the bust to the Society. Madame Linzbauer wished to thank the Society for their support of Beethoven, notably around the time of his death. So the Society became proprietor of the bust in 1871.

This is not just any old bust either. It would seem that it was commissioned by Carl Holz, a friend of Beethoven.It was created by Johann Nepomuk Schaller, an Austrian sculptor…

One can meet an astonishing Beethoven at Madame Tussaud’s, along with many other well-known faces… all in wax..

And, between Princess Diana and the child Mozart, Beethoven sits at the piano, eyes closed, engrossed in silent composition.

I know neither when this was created, nor from which image it was modelled…