Beethoven at Leipzig: the statue by Max Klinger

Beethoven deep in thought, seated naked amongst angels with an eagle at his feet: this is the image created by the artist Max Klinger.

Max Klinger was born at Leipzig in 1857.

He worked on this sculpture of Beethoven for more than fifteen years.

He created first of all, models in plastic (one of which is on exposition at the Beethovenhaus).

Then he researched his materials…marble, alabaster, amber, bronze, ivory…

This statue was completed in 1902 and was sold to a committee set up for the occassion who gave it to the town of Leipzig in 1912.

This statue is more than three metres tall. It’s kept at the Museum der Bildenden Künste (in 2003, it was at the Gewandhausorchestra), at Leipzig.

This photo was taken at the fifteenth exhibition of the Pavillon de la Sécession, which was held in Vienna from April 15th to June 27th 1902.