Martonvàsàr is a small village of about 4 500 inhabitants situated in Hungry.

Beethoven visited this place at least twice.

Today at Martonvàsàr, one can visit a Beethoven museum, listen to his music at concerts every summer, and look at his statue…

The Brunszvik family had a castle at Martonvàsàr. They were the village’s source of income.

Beethoven was very close to the Brunszvik family, especially to Franz, but also to his sisters, Josephine and Theresa. The latter dedicated her life to children, and founded the first creche in Hongrie.

The story goes that it was here that Beethoven finished his Appasionata, in 1806, and that the castle gardens were a great source of inspiration…On a little island in the castle lake, connected to the gardens by a wooden bridge, is a statue of Beethoven.