Beethoven’s Green Muse: Composing Walks in Vienna’s Parks

Here is another statue, situated in the Freizeitpark Rheinaue, south west of the city centre, following the Rhine.

Who created this statue and when?

One can read this text, under the black and white picture (on the left), in “Beethoven in German Politics, 1970-1989” by David B. Dennis:

Peter Breuer’s model for a Beethoven monument in Bonn. Despite direct financial support from Adolf Hitler, this statue was never completed“.

However, one can see that this statue has been completed. But when, and by whom?

This statue is situated in the Freizeit Park Rheinaue, south-east of the town center, and next to the Rhein. 

Today, the statue has visibly been cut in two (perhaps for transportation?) and has moreover been badly assembled. Furthermore, the bottom left section (see the photo above) was removed and the throne of Beethoven has been shortened.

If it is not a marvel, it exaggerates Beethoven’s expression strongly, it is undeniably whimsical and grand.