Bonn’s Bronze Beethoven: The Hähnel Statue Unveiled

Franz Liszt is responsible for
this statue of Beethoven at Bonn. He contributed
not only financially and personally but also
organised concerts from which the funds were
put towards the statue.

The statue was cast by the Nuremberg founder Jakob Daniel Burgschmiet.

For the unveiling, Franz Liszt
composed and conducted his “Cantata for
the inauguration of the Beethoven Monument”.

The statue was installed on
the Münsterplatz,on August 12th 1845.

This statue in bronze is the
work of Ernst Julius Hähnel.

Extremely expressive, the statue
represents the composer inspired and ready to
write down the fruits of his inspiration.

The statue base carries the
symbols of the four types of music:
instrumental music, symphonic music, sprititual
music and opera.
East side (front):
Instrumental music
South side (left):
Spiritual music
West side (behind):
Symphonic music
North side (right):

Bonn – Marktplatz
– The inauguration of the statue May 12th 1845