Book about Beethoven

In English...The Cambridge Companion to Beethoven

Remarkable work
Authors : Glenn STANLET – Barry COOPER and others
Cambridge University Press
2000 – 268 pages
ISBN: 0-521-58934-7.


Book about Beethoven

In English...Beethoven Quartets

Author: Joseph KERMAN
W.W. Norton & Company
1979 – 386 pages
ISBN: 0393009092.


Book about Beethoven

In English...Beethoven and His Nine Symphonies

Author: George GROVE
New York: Dover Publications
1962 – 3rd edition
407 pages
ISBN: 0-486-20334-4.


Book about Beethoven

In English...Critical Study of Beethoven’s Nine Symphonies

Author: Hector BERLIOZ
University of Illinois
200 pages – 2000
ISBN: 0252069420


Book about Beethoven

In English...Beethoven’s Ninth – A political History

Author: Esteban BUCH
University of Chicago Press
244 pages – 2003
ISBN: 022607812

Book about Beethoven

In English...Wagner and Beethoven : Richard Wagner’s Reception of Beethoven

Musical study
Author: Klaus KROPFINGER
Translator: Peter PALMER
Cambridge University Press
1991 – 288 pages
ISBN: 0521342015.


Book about Beethoven

In English...Beethoven

Musical study and biography
Author: Paul BEKKER
Translator: M. BOZMAN
Dent’s International Library of Books on Music
1925 – 392 pages.

Book about Beethoven

En Français...Beethoven’s Sketches – An analysis of his style based on a study of his scketch-books

Author: Paul MIES
Translator: Doris L. Mackinnon
Dover Publications
198 pages
ISBN : 0-486-23042-2.

A Companion To Beethoven's Pianoforte Sonatas

En Anglais... A Companion to Beethoven’s Pianoforte Sonatas

Author: Donald Francis TOVEY
ABRSM Publishing
2004 – 308 pages.


Notes on the interpretation of Beethoven Sonatas

En Anglais... Notes on the interpretation of Beethoven Sonatas

Author: J. Alfred JOHNSTONE
Allan & CO, Melbourne, Australia
1927? – 118 pa

Notes on the interpretation of Beethoven Sonatas

En Anglais... The Piano Quarterly

The Piano Quarterly – 24th year
Spring 1976 – Number 93
Pages 25 to 57.

Notes on the interpretation of Beethoven Sonatas

En Anglais... Beethoven, Performers and Critics

The international Beethoven Congress, Detroit 1977
– Michael STEINBERG: Writing about Beethoven
– Douglas JOHNSON: Music for Prague and Berlin: Beethoven’s Concert Tour of 1796
– Eva BADURA-SKODA: Performance conventions in Beethoven’s early works
– Otto BIBA: Cocnert life in Beethoven’s Vienna
– James WEBSTER: Traditional elements in Beethoven’s middle-period string quartets
– Karl-Heinz KÖHLER: The conversation books: aspects of the new picture of Beethoven
– Maynard SOLOMON: Beethoven and Schiller
– Robert WINTER: The sketches for the “Ode to Joy”
Edited by Robert WINTER and Bruce CARR
Wayne State University Press
1980 – 221 pages.