Los Angeles

Arnold Foerster sculpted this Beethoven, unveiled on October 14th 1932 at the Public Art Division of the Cultural Affairs Department. The statue can be found on the edge of Pershing Square, which is the town’s oldest park. Today the statue is… on the roof of a carpark! Foerster’s Beethoven is similar to the model by Robert Weigl, which had already […]

San Francisco

This is a copy of the monument found in Central Park,and which is attributed to Henry Baerer. It was also given by the choir of New York, but in 1914. It was erected in the park on August 6th 1915. It is situated close to the California Academy of Science, on the right. How many copies of this sculpture exist? It’s […]

New York

The bust Ludwig van Beethoven can be found in the South of Central Park. Henry Bearer (1837-1908) created this statue in bronze in 1884. The bust was then given to the town of New York by the male germo-american choir, also in 1884. It was erected in Central Park in the same year. At the foot of the statue is […]