Gratz in Silesia

Ludwig van Beethoven spent some time in years 1806 and 1811 at the castle in Hradec nad Moravicí (today’s name) as guest of the Prince Lichnowsky. In those days the place was known as ‘Gratz in Silesia’. To commemorate Beethoven’s stays there every year there is held an International Competition of Musical Interpretation “Beethoven’s Hradec”. Ludwig van Beethoven’s bust is […]

Karlovy Vary

This statue is found in the town of Karlsbad, or Karlovy Vary. Beethoven went there several times for spa treatment. The sculptor is Hugo Uher (1909-1945), and this statue was unveiled on September 29th 1929. Thanks to Rath. Hugo Uher was born on April 1st, 1882 in Karlovy Vary. He studied Art at the school for Ceramics in Bechyne and […]


Beethoven came to Teplice several times, for the spa. The house below is the one he rented in 1811, the year when I came with Franz and Bettina Brentano and Achim von Arnim (who had married Bettina during spring 1811). It is this year that Beethoven met Amalie Sebald. Beethoven lived in another house in 1812, the year he met […]


Beethoven went in Prague twice: in 1796 and in 1798. During his first visit, he stayed at 285 Lazenska Street. There he composed several works, dedicated to Countess Josephine de Clary who organized several concerts:– Sonatina for Mandolin and Harpsichord in C minor, WoO 43a;– Adagio for Mandolin and Harpsichord in E flat major, (WoO 43b);– Sonatina for Mandolin and Harpsichord in C […]