Hiller’s Cantata

On the 17th of December, 1850, for the 80th anniversary of Beethoven’s birthday, a cantata was played on the honour of Beethoven, in Köln. Ferdinand Hiller had composed the music and had written the words. The young Ferdinand Hiller (1811-1885) had met Beethoven, at the end of his life, with his master Johann Nepomuk Hummel. He was very impress by […]

Mayr’s Cantata

Johann Simon Mayr (1763-1845) was a Bavarian composer, but quickly established himself in Italy. His main successes were his operas. In 1827, hearing of Beethoven’s death, he composed, and had played, this cantata. It would seem that it hasn’t been played since… Chorus Weep, weep, harmony, weeping souls hear the mournful lament; your beloved is gone: Beethoven is no more. […]

Liszt’s Cantatas

Franz Liszt composed his “Cantata for the inauguration of the Beethoven Monument at Bonn”, on May 12th 1845. The words were written by Bernhardt Wolff. I. What draws the multitude together? What business summons you here? To judge by the throng, today is a day of celebration. You who come from hill and dale, tell me what brings you here? You who rest […]