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Title... Beethoven at Prospect Park, Brooklyn, New-York

This statue is similar to those found at Central Park in New York and at Golden Gate Park in San Francisco.

Henry Baerer is the artist. He was born in 1837 in Kirchlin, Germany. He went to the USA in 1854.

He studied sculpture with von Launitz, then returned to Germany. He created two enourmous statues for the town of Munich.

He moved definitively to New York City in 1866.

He died in 1908.

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Beethoven in Prospect Park...

Prospect Park, at Brooklyn

Title of work: Beethoven
Material: Bronze
Width of monument: 1.20 m (60")
Depth of monument: 1.52 m (60")
Height of monument: 4.57 m (15')
Height of sculpture: 1.22 m (4') for the bust and 1.83 m (6') for the base

Click on the boxes to see the photos enlarged.
All these photos were taken by Dianne Durante. Thank you !

You can see other pictures taken by Dianne on her website Forgotten Delights.

Statue Beethoven in Prospect Park Statue Beethoven in Prospect Park Statue Beethoven in Prospect Park
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