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Title A sculpture of Beethoven at Turin, Italy

Young Beethoven has inspired another Italian sculptor: Giovanni Grandi (1943-1894).

This statue has been realized in 1874 and now stands at the Modern Art Gallery (Galleria d'Arte Moderna - Turino).

Beethoven  by Giovanni Grandi...

There are two copies of this work: one belongs to the Trombetzkoy family and the other one is in a private collection.

This bust of the young musician is very original and dynamic. The right arm and the right hand are the expression of the genius and of the creative thinking.

This sculpture is 92 centimetres long, 70 cm high and 37.8 cm wide.

Many thanks to Armando and Gianni...

Pictures taken by Armando Orlandi and (click on the round pictures to see them enlarged)...
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Title A painting of Beethoven at Turin, Italy

"Listening to Beethoven" by Lionello BalestrieriThe sketch of the painting "Listening to Beethoven" by Lionello Balestrieri is also at the Modern Art Gallery.

The original painting is at the Museum of Revoltella at Trieste.

This painting measures 94.5 cm by 47.2 cm. It was realized in 1900, and won the gold medal at the Universal Exposition at Paris in 1900.

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Many thanks to Hannah SALTER for her translation of this page from French into English
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