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Title... Bonn: The Beethovenhalle

Bonn - Beethovenhalle

Concert hall and conference centre, the Beethovenhalle was opened on September 8th 1959.

It is the work of the architect Siegfrid Wolske.

Bonn - Beethovenhalle
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Title... Bonn: Beethon
Bonn - Beethon

"Beethon", is the title of this astonishing sculpture. Made in concrete by Klaus Kammerichs, unveiled in 1986.

Left: the sculpture head on. Right: the behind view of Beethon.

The light changes the impression given by the sculpture, and direct sun puts an artistic look on the composer's face.

Bonn - Beethon
A closer look allows us to understand the concept of this sculpture. Each part in relief corressponds to a hollow part on the opposite side. Bonn - Beethon

To appreciate this fully it has to be seen from a certain distance. It's then that the creativity and suprising talent takes shape.

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