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Title... Ludwig van Beethoven at the Parque Berlin, in Madrid

There is a superb creation at the Parque Berlin in Madrid: A bust of Ludwig van Beethoven in bronze on a sculpture like a piano.

Erected in 1981 and dedicated to Beethoven by the citizens of Bonn and those of Madrid.

Many thanks to Juan Ignacio Andres-Gayon for this picture

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Title... Ludwig van Beethoven at Barcelona, in Spain

The Palace of Catalane music in Barcelona is the work of the architect Montaner.

On the front of the building are the busts of famous composers: Palestrina, Bach, Beethoven.

As well as this, inside are two more of Pau Gargallo's works, of which one is another bust of Beethoven. In other words, a real Beethoven treat.

Many thanks to Marcela and Bert for the picture,
and to Thomas for his help...

Beethoven et L'Espagne...
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Title... Ludwig van Beethoven in Spain?
Beethoven... Bust by Florentino Trapero, Spanish sculptor, 1922.
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Many thanks to Hannah SALTER for her translation of this page from French into English
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