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- November 27th - Complete Cello Sonatas:
List of Beethoven's complete Cello Sonatas updated.
- April 30th -

"Letzter musikalischer Gedanke", WoO 62: the complete reconstitution, by Gerd Prengel

- April 6th - Midi and Mp3:
Andante for 'Blasende instrumente', from the "Kafka Schizzenbuch".
- March 25th - Midi and Mp3:
Fragment for Variations about Là ci darem la mano from Mozart, from the "Kafka Schizzenbuch".
- March 24th - Midi and Mp3:
Rondo for piano, from the "Kafka Schizzenbuch".
- March 23rd - Midi and Mp3:
Introduction for piano, from the "Kafka Schizzenbuch".
- March 22nd - Midi and Mp3:
Minuet, from the "Kafka Schizzenbuch".
- March 21st - Midi and Mp3:
Sketch for a counterdanse for piano, from the "Kafka Schizzenbuch".
- March 9th - Midi and Mp3:
Haendel's Fugue in G minor, from the "Kafka Schizzenbuch"
- March 7th - Coin and plaque:
A medal with Beethoven
- March 6th - Midi and Mp3:
Sonata Movement in C minor for piano, from the "Kafka Schizzenbuch".
- March 5th - Beethoven's contemporary:
Henri Bertini (1798-1876).
- March 4th -

Coin and plaque:
Bronze plaque signed A. Morel.

- March 2nd - Midi and Mp3:
2-part Canon: "Languisco e moro", Hess 229, and sketches, Biamonti 350.
- March 1st - Midi and Mp3:
Minuet for orchestra, in G major (version for piano), from the "Kafka Schizzenbuch".
- February 29th - Stamps:
North Korea, Luxembourg, Guyana, Guiné-Bissau, Liechtenstein, Sainte-Marie de Madagascar...
- February 27th - Midi and Mp3:
Lamentations of Jeremiah, from the "Kafka Schizzenbuch".
- February 20th - CD:
- The Variations Diabelli and the sketches on historical tuning by Marco Alcantara;
- The Daibelli Variation and a lecture by William Kinderman.
- February 17th - Forum:
The Forum is online again, after some technical problem, and it will evolve.
- February 13th - Portraits :
- the painting of Lucian Tidorescu;
- the variations of Leon Krejci;
- the drawing of H. G. Jacobi.
- February 10th - Biography:
Information about Liszt's 2nd Beethoven Cantata.
- February 8th -

Mp3 files:
Melody unfinished, Biamonti 726.

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