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- December 18th - Midi file:
Curiosities attributed to Beethoven: Odiorne and Clara or the Last Waltz.
- December 6th - Midi file:
An die ferne geliebte: Wo die Berge so blan aus dem nebligen Grau shauen berein, Opus 98 number 2.
- December 4th - Midi file:
An die ferne Geliebte: Auf dem Hügel sitz ich, spähend, Opus 98 number 1.
- December 2nd - Book:
Barry Cooper's Beethoven's Folksong Settings.
- December 1st - Midi file:
Song: "Freudvoll und Leidvoll".
- November 30th - Midi file:
Duo for Violins in A major: for Alexandre Boucher, WoO 34.
- November 13th - Presentation of works:
The Mass in C, opus 86.
- November 12th -

Beethoven lives upstairs: a pedagogical step and captivating;
Beethoven's Ninth Symphony sung in French.

Film and scores:
The score “Ludwig van”.

- November 11th - Midi file:
Lieder: Seufzer einer umgeliebten und gegenliebe, WoO 118.
- Novermber 1st - Forum:
A forum about Beethoven and his works is available on the website!
- October 27th - Presentation of works:
The Triple Concerto for piano-violin-cello, in C major, opus 56.
- Octobre 25th - CD:
The Irish, Welch, Scottish, English and other popular Folksongs.
- October 17th - Midi files:
Allegro for piano in b moll major, Biamonti 253a;
Fragment in e moll major, Biamonti 253b.
- October 16th - Medal:
A medal from Germany (#39).
- October 8th - Portrait of Beethoven:
A modern painting of Ludwig van Beethoven by Naomi Shadle.
- October 7th - Midi file:
The 7th Sonata for piano and violon, opus 30-2.
-October 6th - Midi file:
March for Piano in F Major: "Alexandermarsch", Anhang 11.
- October 3rd - Midi file:
Fragment for a Fugue in D minor, Biamonti 250.
- October 2nd - Midi file:
Fragments, Biamonti 237.
- September 15th - Midi file:
Letzer musikalischer Gedanke, WoO 62.
- September 13th - Midi file:
Sketch for Presto-Sonata Movement, Biamonti 226.
- August 30th - Midi file: works of chamber music
Quintet for Piano, Oboe, Clarinet, Horn & Bassoon, opus 16;
Septet for Clarinet, Bassoon, Horn, Violin, Viola, Cello, Bass, opus 20;
Sextet for 2 Clarinets, 2 Horns & 2 Bassoons, opus 71;
Trio for Oboes & English Horn, opus 87;
Octet for Oboes, Clarinets, Horns & Bassoons in E flat major, opus 103;
Trio in G major, for Piano, Flute and Bassoon, WoO 37.
- August 29th - Postcards:
Twelve new postcards about Ludwig van Beethoven and his music (#195 to #206).
- August 28th - Phone cards about Beethoven:
One card from Austria;
One card from China;
Five cards from Japan (from #17 to #22).
- August 27th - Ex-libris about Beethoven:
Two ex-libris with Ludwig van Beethoven (#32 and #33).
- August 26th - Bust of Ludwig van Beethoven:
The pictures of the bust in Prospect Park.
- August 25th - Beethoven in Switzerland:
The bust of Beethoven in Geneva.
- August 24th - Midi files:
The 9th Violin Sonata 'Kreutzer'.
- August 23rd - Midi files:
The 6 first Violin sonatas.
- August 22nd -

Midi files:
The 5 Cello sonatas.

- July 14th - A new Guestbook is online!
- July 11th - Midi file:
Der Jüngling in der Fremde, WoO 138.
- July 6th - Presentation and CD:
Ludwig van Beethoven's Missa Solemnis .
- July 5th - Film:
The Immortal Spirit.
- July 4th - Film:
Ludwig van, by Mauricio Kagel.
- July 1st - Midi:
The text of the Lieder opus 52 have been added.
- June 29th - CD:
List of CD of Beethoven's Triple Concerto.
- June 28th - CD:
List of CD of Beethoven's Violin Concerto.
- June 27th - Midi file:
Kennst du das Land, Opus 75-1.
- June 25th - CD:
List of CD of Leonore and Fidelio.
- June 21st - Midi file:
Neue Liebe, neues Leben, Opus 75-2.
- June 20th - Medals:
A French medal Second Empire (#6) ;
A silver medal from Germany (#11) ;
A nice and curious medal from unknown origin (#6).
- June 17th - Portrait:
A third painting of Beethoven by Leon Krejci.
- June 16th - CD:
List of Beethoven's complete Piano Concertos recordings.
- June 15th - Book:
The statue of Beethoven by Max Klinger.
- June 14th - CD:
List of CD of Beethoven's Chorale Fantasy .
- June 13th - Immortal Beloved:
Cristina's opinion.
- June 7th - CD:
List of Beethoven's complete string quartets recordings.
- June 4th - Collectible: medals and plaques
- A medal from France dated 1910;
- A medal from Germany;
- A medal from Switzerland by Huguenin;
- And six plaques with Beethoven (#10 to #15).
- June 3rd - A new film about Beethoven:
Copying Beethoven.
- June 2nd -

Midi file:
Sketch for a concert piece, Biamonti 490.

- May 30th - Play:
The Beethovens.
- May 29th - DVD:
The film 'Eroica', made by the BBC, is now available on DVD.
- May 28th - Midi files:
The two versions of the Lied "An die ferne Geliebte", opus 75-5.
- May 27th - Collectible - Coins:
The 50 Euros coin and the 5 Euros coin from Austria.
- May 26th - Midi files:
Sketches for the Ninth Symphony, Biamonti 686 .
- May 18th - Midi files:
Sketches for the Ninth Symphony, Biamonti 779b;
More sketches for the Ninth Symphony, Biamonti 779c.
- May 13th - Statue:
More pictures of the statue of Beethoven at Naruto, Japan.
- May 11th - Midi files:
More sketches for the Ninth Symphony, Biamonti 779a.
- May 9th - Midi files:
Sketches for the Ninth Symphony, Biamonti 746a, 746b, 746c, 746d, 746e.
- May 7th - CD:
Beethoven and the Jazz.
- May 2nd - Presentation and CD:
Ludwig van Beethoven's Ninth Symphony.
- April 21st - Musical work:
Presentation of Beethoven's Diabelli Variations.
- April 19th - Statue:
More about the statue of the young Beethoven in Genoa, Italy.
- April 18th - CD - Works for piano:
- Ninth Symphony: Transcription for piano by Richard Wagner;
- Works for piano by Beethoven played on his Conrad Graf;
- The “Diabelli Variations” on the Conrad Graf of Beethoven;
- The Variations for four-handed piano by Max Reger;
- “Moonlight” sonata arranged for orchestra by Stokowski.
- April 17th - CD:
- A very lovely modern version of the Choral Fantasy;
- Two original cadenzas for the violin concerto.
- April 15th - DVD:
- Fidelio on DVD directed by Nikolaus Harnoncourt.
More CD:
- Fidelio: Beethoven's opera explained;
- West Side Story and Beethoven;
- Jazz Trio on Beethoven.
- April 14th - Some CD of Beethoven's Chamber Music:
- Rare pieces for quartet and the complete quintets;
- Beethoven and the Flute: Works for flute and piano;
- The three quartets for piano, WoO 36;
- The two trios for clarinet by Ludwig van Beethoven;
- The opus 127 quartet for string orchestra;
- "Spring" and "Kreutzer" sonatas arranged for clarinet or cello;
- Works transcribed for string quintet;
- Beethoven's viola on CD;
- Beethoven's only piece for harp.
- April 10th - Collectibles:
- A medal from Italy (#16);
- A medal from Germany (#37).
- April 9th - Midi file:
An Minna: Nur bei dir, WoO 115.
- March 31st - Schools:
Two essays about Beethoven by students, aged 10 and 11.
- March 17th - Beethoven's work:
The Creatures of Prometheus.
- March 16th - Statue:
Beethoven at Freizeit Park in Bonn.
- March 15th - Film:
Beethoven lives upstairs.
- March 14th - Biography:
The enigma of Minona Stackelberg (1813-1897).
- March 10th - Collectibles:
Three other phone cards from Japan with Beethoven (#14 to 16);
- March 7th - Collectibles:
Two phone cards from Japan with Beethoven (#12 and 13);
Two other cards (#20 and 21).
- March 6th - Midi file:
Minuet for Piano in A flat major, Hess 88.
- February 6th - Midi files:
- March for piano, Hess 99;
- Sketch for an unfinished march, Biamonti 381;
- Sketch for the end of the piano sonata Opus 31 number 3, Biamonti 313.
- January 27th - CD:
More cds of rares works for piano.
- January 24th - Midi file:
Sketch for a fugue in C minor, Biamonti 522.
- January 23rd - Midi file:
Sketch for a "Veni Creator Spiritus"
, Biamonti 837.
- January 22nd - Collectibles:
The medal of Beethoven by Salvador Dali.
- Junuary 10th - Midi file:
Abendlied unterm gestirnten Himmel, WoO 150.
- January 2nd - Midi files:
- Elegie auf den Tod eines Pudels, WoO 110;
- Das Geheimnis, WoO 145.
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