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Title... "Un grand Amour de Beethoven", by Abel Gance
Un grand amour de Beethoven - Abel Gance

Abel Gance realised "Un Grand Amour de Beethoven" ("A great love of Beethoven") in 1936.

Harry Baur plays Ludwig van Beethoven. In the female roles Therese von Brunswick is played by Annie Ducaux, and Juliette Guicciardi by Jany Holt.

Finally, Jean-Louis Barrault is Karl.

Film: un grand amour de Beethoven - Abel Gance...
Un grand amour de Beethoven - Abel Gance

Abel Gance's Beethoven...Abel Gance 's film is very sensitive. His high point is the creation of atmosphere, and the black and white filming lends itself very well to this. A film of undeniable aestheticism.

The plot is above all symbolic of Beethoven’s love for music and many womenl.The great moments in the composer's life are filmed in grand style. The talent of director, Abel Gance, and of the principal actor, Harry Baur, give the film constant animation.

The characters are all very Machiavellican: Giulietta is Beethoven's muse - good and attentive; Therese is egoistic, indecisive and unhappy; Karl is the yob all too frequently described; the composer's friends form a band of happy, loyal companions; his servant is completely devoted to him, all his life...

The music is by ... Ludwig van Beethoven. And the "Miserere" finale, sung to the "Moonlight" sonata arouse incredible emotion highlighting Beethoven’s love for passion-filled music.

Un grand amour de Beethoven - Abel Gance
Many thanks to Hannah SALTER for her translation of this page from French into English
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