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Born the December 17th 1770
at Bonn

Died the March 26th 1827
at Vienna
Beethoven's Signature...

Beethoven's two sisters did not have any children. Only one of Beethoven's four brothers had a child. The child was a boy, named Carl.


Jan Van Beethoven and Maria Magdelena Keverig  
Married November 12th 1767 at Bonn

(these two portraits are probably not authentic)
Ludwig's father...

Born in March 1740 at Bonn
Died December 18th 1792
also at Bonn
Ludwig's mother... Born December 19th 1746 at Ehrenbreitstein
Died July 17th 1787 at Bonn
Daughter of
Heinrich Keverich (1702-1759)
and Anna Clara Westorff (1707 - 1768)


Lodewijk Van Beethoven and Maria Josepha Poll  
Married September 17th 1733 at Bonn
Ludwig's Grand Father...
Born January 5th 1712
at Mechelen in Belgium
Died December 24th 1773 at Bonn
Born in 1714
Died Spetember 30th 1775 at Bonn


Michael Van Beethoven and   Maria Louisa Stuyckers
Married October 18th 1707 at Mechelen
Born February 15th 1684 at Mechelen
Died June 28th 1749 at Bonn
Born April 23rd 1685 at Mechelen
Died December 8th 1749 at Bonn


Cornelius Van Beethoven   and Catharina Van Leempoel
Married February 12th 1673 at Mechelen
Born October 20th 1641 at Bertem 
Died March 29th 1716 at Mechelen
Born in 1642
Died in 1729


Mark (or Marcus) Van Beethoven and Sarah Haesaerts
Married in 1631
Born around 1601 at Boortmeerbeek
Died in 1653 at Nederokkerzeel


Hendrik Van Beethoven and Catharina Van Boevendeke
Married July 17th 1594 at Boortmeerbeek

Born around 1572 at Kampenhout
Died June 4th 1652 at Boortmeerbeek

Died September 11th 1638 at Boortmeerbeek


Arnoldus (or Aert) Van Beethoven and Josiana Van Vlesselaer
Married 1568 at Kampenhout
Born around 1535 at Kampenhout
Died in 1609 at Kampenhout
Arnoldus (Aert) Van Beethoven and Petronella (Pierryne) Geerts
Married February 1st 1600 at Haacht 
It was this remarriage of Aert which created the Van Beethoven's family tree from which we descend...


Marcus Van Beethoven and Anna Smets
Married in 1571 at Kampenhout
Born around 1510  


Jan Van Beethoven
Born around 1485
Family tree realized by Schmidt Görg...

Here is Beethoven's family tree put together in 1947 by Joseph SCHMIDT-GÖRG, one of the two most serious reserchers concerning the ancestors of Beethoven. This reproduction is at the Beethovenhaus at Bonn.

The other researcher is Raymond van AERDE, a Flem who opened the right doors to the research..

NB: even scanned at high resolution, the names remain incredibly difficult to read...

Many thanks to Hannah SALTER for her translation of this page from French into English

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2 movements of a sonatina in F Major for Piano(WoO 50)
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