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This section is not intended to be a review of existing CDs. Good critics have done this already, and are experts on the subject. I just wish to draw your attention to particular works and interpretations.
Title Complete incidental music
Complete incidental music
Deutsche Grammophon
Beethoven Complete Edition
Volume 3
Orchestral Works
Music for the Stage

Formidable compilation of the incidental music for orchestra of Ludwig van Beethoven, in 5 CDs:

  • Die Geschöpfe des Prometheus (The Creatures of Prometheus), ballet, Op. 43;
  • Musik zu einem Ritterballet (Knight's Ballet), WoO 1;
  • Gratulations-Minuet for orchestra, WoO 3;
  • 12 Minuets for orchestra, WoO 7;
  • 12 German Dances for orchestra, WoO 8;
  • 12 contredances for orchestra, WoO 14;
  • Overture: Coriolan, Op. 62;
  • Overture: Namensfeier (Name Day Festival), Op. 115;
  • Egmont, overture and incidental music, Op. 84;
  • Wellington's Victory, Op. 91;
  • The Ruins of Athens; overture and incidental music, Op. 113;
  • Die Weihe des Hauses (Consecration of the House), overture and incidental music, Hess 118;
  • Leonore Prohaska, incidental music, WoO 96;
  • König Stephan (King Stephan): overture and incidental music, Op. 117;
  • 2 airs for "Die Schöne Schusterin" of Ignaz Umlauf, WoO 91;
  • Tarpeia (Kuffner): introduction to act 2, WoO 2b;
  • Tarpeia (Kuffner): triumphal march, WoO 2a;
  • Germania (final of "Die gute Nachricht", of Treitschke), WoO 94;
  • Es ist vollbracht (final of "Die Ehrenpforten", of Trietschke), WoO 97;
  • Vestas Feuer, fragment of an opera, scene 1, for four voices and orchestra, Hess 115.

A lovely gift. Indispensable!

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Title The collected overtures, comprising the 4 Leonore and Fidelio

We offer this double CD of the complete overtures of Ludwig van Beethoven. It includes, of course, the four overtures of Leonore and Fidelio:

  • Die Geschöpfe des Prometheus, Op. 43
  • König Stephan, Op. 117
  • Die Ruinen Von Athen, Op. 113
  • Egmont, Op. 84
  • Coriolan, Op. 62
  • Namensfeier, Op. 115
  • Die Weihe des Hauses, Op. 124
  • Leonore Overture n°1, Op. 138
  • Leonore Overture n°2, Op. 72a
  • Leonore Overture n°3, Op. 72b
  • Fidelio Overture, Op. 72c
The collected overtures, comprising the 4 Leonore and Fidelio
Herbert von Karajan
Berliner Philharmoniker
Deutsche Grammophon - 1989
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Title The Overture to Macbeth, world premiere

Inedita pursue with success their edition of rare Beethoven works. The third they present to us a world premier, the Overture to Macbeth, Biamonti 454, reconstructed from the sketches by Willem Holsbergen. This work merits its place, full and complete, after the other Beethovenian overtures.

Also on the CD, the concerto for piano and orchestra opus 61 (after the concerto for violin, Beethoven’s adaptation), and a version of the rondo for piano and orchestra WoO 6, reconstructed by Roberto Diem Tigani.

The booklet – as always not in French – is well documented.

You love Beethoven? Then this CD is for you!

Cd Beethoven Macbeth Overture
Inedita - Beethoven Rareties Vol. 3
Orchestra Sinfonica di Sassari
Roberto Diem Tigani
Piano: Maurizio Paciariello

Title Die Weihe des Hauses and Leonore Prohaska
Die Weihe des Hauses and Leonore Prohaska
Deutsche Grammophon - 1996
Claudio Abbado
Berliner Philarmoniker

The Consecration of the House and Leonore Prohaska: Two rarely performed works which constitute this cd:

- the stage music for "the consecration of the house", a dramatic piece by Carl Meisl, opus 124 for the overture, opus 113 and WoO 98 for the other parts, was composed in 1811 for the occasion of the reopening of the Josephstadt Theatre;

- the stage music for "Leonore Prohaska", a drama by Freidrich Duncker, WoO 96, was composed in 1815.

The booklet is in German and English and contains the words to those works which have them…
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Title Egmont: Overture and scene music - Opus 84

Beethoven did not write only an overture for Goethe's drama "Egmont", but also scene music (a dozen pieces more than the overture).

The premiere was on the 15th June 1810, conducted by Beethoven himself in the Hoftheatre, Vienna.

Beethoven admired Goethe, and sent him his composition for Egmont, which Goethe appreciated enormously. Two years later, the two men met in Teplitz…

Egmont:Overture and scene music - Opus 84
Egmont - Schauspielmusik
Staatskapelle Berlin
Heinz Bongartz
Berlin Classics - 1996
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Title The Ruins of Athen by Richard Strauss
The Ruins of Athen by Richard Strauss
Koch - 1999
Karl Anton Rickenbacher
Chor und Orchester der Bamberger Symphoniker

Adapting the Ruins of Athens and the Creatures of Prometheus, Richard Strauss created a remarkably homogenous and extremely pleasant work.

The seven musical numbers for soloist and orchestra present a new work, very close to Beethoven.

Defending Beethoven, Strauss wrote: "It is incredible to read how the press writes stupid articles on the weaknesses of this Beethoven!".

And Richard Strauss proves that "this Beethoven" is not to be neglected!

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