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Title Theme and Variations on the allegretto of the 7th Symphony

The Jacques Loussier Trio presents ten jazz variations on the theme of the allegretto of the 7th Symphony of Ludwig van Beethoven.

Lovely musical phrases, sensitive and moving treatment, it is a veritable pleasure for lovers of jazz and also of Beethoven.

Jacques Loussier: piano
Benoît Dunoyer de Segonzac: bass
André Arpino: drums

Jacques Loussier
Telarc - 2003

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Title Jazz Trio on Beethoven

“News from Beethoven” is the title of the decidedly jazz CD of the Marcus Schinkel Trio and which explores very diverse works (the exact original works are in parenthesis):

  • Elise;
  • Die Wuth über den verlorenen Groschen (Anger over a lost penny, opus 129);
  • Mondscheinsonate (Moonlight Sonata);
  • Allegretto (of the 7 th Symphony);
  • Blue Romance (Romance in G, opus 40);
  • Nur wer die Sehnsucht kennt (Leid WoO 134);
  • Sehnsucht (Leid WoO146);
  • Rondo Pathetique (Pathetique Sonata);
  • Rondo '83 (Rondo in C, WoO 48);
  • Das Liedchen von der Ruhe (Leid opus 52 no. 3);
  • An der ferne Geliebte (Leider opus 98).

A remarkable success!

Marcus Schinkel: piano
Bas Rietmayer: contra bass
Wim de Vries: drums

Marcus Schinkel's variations
Bos Records - 2002

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Title Modern variations on the Diabelli Variations of Beethoven

Here are the 33 variations of Uri Caine on the 33 variations of Beethoven on a theme by Diabelli.

On listening attentively, one can discover that the arrangements and improvisations are sometimes symphonic, sometimes a bit jazzy, sometimes intimate.

Respectful of Beethoven's work, which certain variations recall to life, this curiosity has a place in your CD collection.

The CD is presented in a hard cover, which contains a presentation booklet… 33 architectural variations. Astonishing!

Cd Beethoven - Uri Caine
WDR - 2002

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Title Jazzin' the Classics

With the provoking sub-title "A musical sacrilege", this CD invites us on a journey through the classical world in jazz fashion.

With Bach, Bizet, Chopin, Debussy, Delibes, Grieg, Liszt and others, Beethoven sees one of his works mutilated though piano rhythms, clarinet and drums. It is the Pathetique Sonata which has been chosen, adapted by Jimmie Lunceford in 1940.

Another sound for well known works.

Cd Beethoven - Jazzin' the Classics
Saga - 2003

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Many thanks to Hannah SALTER for her translation of this page from French into English
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