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This section is not intended to be a review of existing CDs. Good critics have done this already, and are experts on the subject. I wish just to draw your attention to particular works and interpretations.
Title Comparative performances of the "Kreutzer" and "Spring" Sonatas
Cd Beethoven
Comparative performances of the "Kreutzer" and "Spring" Sonatas
Andante - 3cds - 2003

This set in the form of a book gathers six performances for every one of these famous sonatas, with a well researched booklet.

The 3 CDs present to us 3 performances of the "Spring" sonata and 4 others of the "Kreutzer" sonata: the great musicians reveal to us their emotions.


  • Fritz KREISLER and Franz RUPP;
  • Szymon GOLDBERG and Lili KRAUS;
  • Nathan MILSTEIN and Artur BALSAM.


  • Fritz KREISLER and Franz RUPP;
  • Georg KULENKAMPFF and Wilhelm KEMPFF;
  • Joseph SZIGETI and Bela BARTOK;
  • Adolph BUSCH and Rudolf SERKIN.

A remarkable initiative to pursue and imitate!

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Title The complete sonatas for violin and piano: Anne Sophie Mutter
Cd Beethoven
Anne-Sophie MUTTER
and Lambert ORKIS
Deutsche Grammophon - 1998

This box of 4 CDs includes the complete sonatas for violin and piano, but also three other works:

  • Piece for mechanical clock, WoO 33 no 3 (arrangement by Willy Hess);
  • Contredances, in B flat major, WoO 14 no 4 and no 7;
  • Minuet, WoO 10 no 2 (arrangement by Mischa Elman).

The set is also produced on CD-ROM: a software makes it possible to read certain scores, and to follow the bars on the screen together with the music.

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Title Eight violin sonatas transcribed for flute
Cd Beethoven
Alain Marion and Denis Pascal
8 sonatas for flute and piano

The transcriptions for the flute of the sonatas for violin and piano of Beethoven were edited many times, mostly in the nineteenth century.

These two CDs collect the first eight sonatas (over ten in total), performed by Alain Marion on flute and Denis Pascal on piano:

  • Opus 12, nos. 1 to 3;
  • Opus 23;
  • Opus 24, "Spring";
  • Opus 30, nos. 1 to 3.
Title "Spring" and "Kreutzer" sonatas arranged for clarinet or cello
CD Beethoven
Arte Nova - 1997
Clarinet: Ralph Manno
Cello: Guido Schiefen
Piano: Olaf Dressler

Here is a CD of arrangements of two well known sonatas, the two named sonatas for violin and piano:

  • the Spring sonata, opus 24, is arranged with spirit for clarinet by Ralph Manno, and this charming instrument does not detract from the original.
  • The Kreutzer sonata, opus 47, was arranged for cello by Guido Schiefen. It's grave voice asserts its tonality without difficulty but without nevertheless to succeed to forget the violin.
It is always difficult to arrange well known works, because the comparisons are easy for the listener, the two soloists manage with honours. Bravo.
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