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This section is not intended to be a review of existing CDs. Good critics have done this already, and are experts on the subject. I wish just to draw your attention to particular works and interpretations.
Title The complete chamber music for flute

In this double CD box you will find Beethoven's principle works for the flute, interpreted by Jean-Pierre Rampal:

  • Serenade for Flute and Piano, Opus 41;
  • Six Themes and Variations for Flute and Piano, Opus 105;
  • Allegro and Minuet in G for two Flutes, WoO 26;
  • Trio concertante in G for Flute, Bassoon and Piano, WoO 37;
  • Ten Themes and Variations for Flute and Piano, Opus 107;
  • Trio in G Major for three Flutes, probably Biamonti Appendix II - 64;
  • Sonata in B-Flat for Flute and Piano, WoO Anhang 4.

Advise listening for lovers of this instrument...

Many thanks to Annie who helped me to identify some of these works...

Cd Beethoven and the Flute

Complete chamber music for flute interpreted by
Jean-Pierre Rampal and Robert Veyron-Lacroix
Vox-Box - 1990

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Title Another collection of chamber music for flute

This other collection of works for flute by Beethoven does not lack interest since they are not exactly the same works which were presented in the preceding box:

  • Serenade for flute and piano, opus 41;
  • Sonata in G flat major for flute and piano, WoO Anhang 4;
  • Six themes and variations for flute and piano, opus 105;
  • Six themes and variations for flute and piano, opus 107.

The novelty is the serenade opus 25, for flute, violin and viola (of which opus 41 is an arrangement for flute and piano).

Also advised for lovers of the instrument…

Cd Beethoven and the Flute
Complete Music for Flute
Philips - 1996

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Title Beethoven and the Flute: Works for flute and piano
Beethoven and the Flute
ABF - 2004
Flute: Laurence Stricker
Piano: Suzel Ginisty

For a change of well known works, here is a very pleasing CD, which gathers together the works for flute and piano, or transcriptions for that instrument:

  • Sonata for flute and piano (horn and piano), opus 17;

  • Variations, opus 107, in A minor on the Russian theme «Schöne Minka» - 1817-1818;

  • Sonata in D major, opus 6 (from the sonata for four handed piano) 1796-97, world premier;

  • Sonata in B flat major, WoO A4.

A profound and musical sound.

Title The concerto for flute after the concerto for violin opus 61

Beethoven did not write a concerto for clarinet, or transcribe one of his other concertos for this instrument. But that was without reckoning on William Bennett who performed his own transcription of this work.

This magnificent concerto, which inspires soloists of all instruments, bears these affronts decidedly well.

Less warm than the clarinet, the flute is surprisingly charming. The flautist is perfect, powerful and very accurate on long or very high passages.

The cadenzas are by William Bennett. A curiosity.

Also on the CD: the concerto for flute by Frederich Schwindl.

Disque Beethoven
Camerata - 1998
English Chamber Orchestra
Flute: William Bennett
Conductor: Steuart Bedford
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Title Eight Sonatas for flute and piano

Alain Marion and Denis Pascal have recorded 8 of the 10 Sonatas for violin and piano transcribed for flute and piano:

  • Sonata opus 12, no. 1, 2 and 3;
  • Sonata opus 23;
  • Sonata opus 24, “Spring”;
  • Sonatas opus 30, no. 1, 2 and 3.

It does not miss the sonatas opus 47, “Kreutzer”, and opus 96.

The flute sings, and enchants us. The ensemble is surprisingly strong and the flautist earns our esteem. Alain Marion has remarkable precision and clarity.
Cd Beethoven and the Flute
Traversières - 1999 - 2 cds
Flute: Alain Marion
Piano: Denis Pascal
Title Three works of Beethoven for flute

Three works of Beethoven for flute:

  • Sonata in B flat major, WoO Anhang 4

  • Sonata in F major, opus 17, transcription of the sonata for horn and piano.

  • Serenade in D, opus 41.

Cd Beethoven and the Flute
Valois - 1993
Flute: Emmanuel Pahud
Piano: Eric Lesage
Many thanks to Melanie PIDDOCKE and Hannah SALTER
for their translations of this page from French into English

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