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This list of works is by no means exhaustive. It contains just those of which I know, and those which have been pointed out to me. Books in French are here.

Thank you to Gail for her help

Title... Books written by people who knew Beethoven
Book about Beethoven...

In English...Beethoven as I knew him

One of the first biographies
Author: Antoine SCHINDLER
Dover Publications
Annotated by Donald W. MacArdle
1996 - 548 pages
ISBN: 0-486-29232-0.


Book about Beethoven...

In English...Beethoven remembered, biographical notes

Written by friends of Beethoven
Authors: Ferdinand RIES et F.-G. WEGELER
Great Ocean Publishers
1987 - 200 pages
ISBN: 0-915556-15-4.


Book about Beethoven...

In English...Memories of Beethoven

The memoires of the young son of a friend of Beethoven, who was often with Beethoven at the end of his life
Author: Gerhard von BREUNING
Translation in English by Henry Mins and Maynard Solomon
Cambridge University Press
1995 - 154 pages
ISBN: 0-521-48489-8.

Book about Beethoven...

In English...Beethoven: Impressions by his Contemporaries

Letters, diaries, memoirs, etc., by Rossini, Weber, Liszt and friends...
Author : Oscar SONNECK
Dover Publications
238 pages
ISBN: 0486217701.


In English...The Life of Beethoven, including his correspondence with his friends

Aquaintences and Letters
Author: Iganz MOSCHELES
Publication: London: H. Colburn, 1841
2 volumes.

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Many thanks to Hannah SALTER for her translation of this page from French into English
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